Morgantown Edition: Roosters Wings

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

RoostersSo, a new restaurant has opened at Suncrest Towne Centre. Roosters Wings, a primarily Ohio-based chain, has opened in the former Tilted Kilt/Damon's location to make it the second location in West Virginia -- the other being in Huntington.

RoostersAnd, I would think this would be a prime location, considering its proximity to shopping and my favorite Kroger, but I've seen two restaurants flounder here. I think only time will tell if Roosters stands a chance. 

RoostersThe first thing I noticed is that it is very branded. They really push the "fun, casual" phrase, and cups, to-go boxes and more are all emblazoned with their logo. The interior is open with lots and lots of light wood - for the floors, the tables, the walls, the chairs - everything is wooden. Little risque catchphrases are written on signs throughout.

RoostersTheir specialty is, of course, wings - so I ordered 10 boneless honey bbq, and we also go an appetizer: Dumpster Wedges - wedges topped with melted cheese, bacon bits, tomatoes, green onions, jalapenos and dumpster dressing.

RoostersThe appetizer came out first, and I though it was decent. The wedges were crispy - I wasn't a big fan of the dressing so I just went with ketchup. But otherwise, cheese + bacon + potato is a winning combo. I think it could've used a touch more salt.

The wings were giant, and I only had a few. These large, white-meat tenders seemed of good quality, but I was less than enthused about the bbq flavor. It was so mild. It was just not super flavorful. I even dipped them in ranch (an additional charge), but it wasn't doing it for me. I think they need some more flavor to that BBQ sauce, and when I took the leftovers home and used some Sweet Baby Ray's, it was all good.

RoostersService was a little wonky, but that' likely because we visited right after they opened. Servers were confused about who had which table, and we ended up being served by three separate servers, I believe.

Overall thoughts: Decent. Quality of wings was good, sauce was less than stellar. Does it fulfill a wing deficit in Morgantown? Not so sure. I think for my money, I might head to Bdubs.

Grade: B
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