Morgantown Edition: Sandwich U

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Sandwich USandwich U is a staple in the drunken college kid diet - even back when I was in undergrad and we called this place "Are U Hungry?"

Sandwich USandwich U is home to the Fat Sandwich. The long sub sandwiches stuffed with french fries and a variety of fried foods and drenched in some sauce are a favorite amongst those who have had a few too many vodka cranberries that masks the thought of how many calories each of these sandwiches contain.

Sandwich U
It's been many a years, new owners, new items and new locations since I've tried this restaurant, so I thought it was due time. Sandwich U has made a name for itself for being combative, vulgar and shaming customers or employees at times via Twitter. The restaurant's owner, George Tanios, is no stranger to controversy, as he's carried this theme through various businesses he's owned - like the Lebanese Bistro and All U Need.

Sandwich UBut he's made this part of his marketing, really. Sandwich U capitalizes on that crowd, tweeting about waking & baking or staying open late for the after-bar crowd and having sandwiches named "Fat Bastard" and "Fat Blunt." I somehow missed a "Fat Bitch" on the menu, but it seems as though they have it. Anyway, George is Morgantown's own version of Amy's Baking Company (ahem), but he's never been rude to me. In fact, I see George from time to time, and he's always kind. I think he simply lets the negativity get to him sometimes; and while it's not how I operate professionally, it's really not too far off for this sort of business - and I know people who appreciate it.

Sandwich U
Fat Freshman
The restaurant has only a walk-up window with menus plastered on the side. The menu contains all of the fat sandwiches - like Fat Freshman, Fat Drunk, Fat George, Fat Chick - that all contain french fries and some combination of fried chicken tenders, cheese steak, bacon, mozzarella sticks, cheese, burger, and various sauces. But, they also have some Lebanese inspired items - like the Fat Greek (one of the few sandwiches that has veggies), Fat Lebanese - as well as bowls, crazy fries, burgers, pita sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, wings and fried sides.

Sandwich U
Fat Hillary
I placed an order for the Fat Freshman, their #1 seller. It has cheese steak, fried chicken tenders, bacon, mozzarella sticks, frat sauce, and french fries all on an eight-inch hero roll. I waited off to the side while loud music pointed out toward the sidewalk played explicit lyrics. But before long, my name was called, and a sandwich was slide through the other window. The sandwiches arrived cut in half, wrapped up and placed in a bag where we took them back to the office to engulf.

Here's the thing: My sandwich is good. Even not drunk, it's good. How can it not be? It hits on all those comforting fried foods slathered in a sweet sauce. I love chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and french fries separately - so yes, they're still good together. It's a cheap thrill; it's filling after a night of drinking. But, ooof, my tummy was not prepared for all that grease. And, Tony got the Fat Hillary, and we split. It pretty much tasted exactly the same, even though it had fried mac & cheese bites - everything is masked by that fried taste.

There's not some culinary genius or innovative preparation here, but judging it for what it is - it tastes good. It's a different kind of good - the drunken, face-value, guilty pleasure good.

Grade: B
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