Wheeling Edition: TJ's Sports Garden Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

TJ's Sports GardenSo, as I slowly eat my way through the Northern Panhandle, I'm trying to hit all the key places. TJ's Sports Garden in Wheeling is one of them.

TJ's Sports GardenWhile not necessarily revered for its culinary offerings, the environment of TJ's is unmatched. Calling it a "sports bar" would be putting it lightly - football field rugs, tons of giant TVs with every sport imaginable, neon beer lights, pool tables and scoreboard decorations. 

TJ's Sports GardenThe menu has lots of fried appetizers, burgers, pasta, seafood, sandwiches, wraps and more. I had called in my order, so I actually went to toward the back counter to pick it up. It was quick and done actually much quicker than the time they quoted me. Even better. I got my box full of food and headed out back toward Morgantown.

TJ's Sports GardenI got the TJ's Par Three Cheeseburgers, which are three cheeseburger sliders with an onion ring. They're topped with mayo, mustard, ketchup, and a pickle on a toasted bun. Sides of "TJ's famous cole slaw and fries."

I'll tell you what, these sliders are pretty damn good. I wasn't expecting much, so maybe my bar was pretty low. But, they had big patties, and the abundance of condiments and seasoning of the beef made for a good flavor, and that onion ring added some nice texture.

The fries were also not bad. Could be crisper.

TJ's Sports GardenThe biggest surprise, though, was the cole slaw. I didn't even know I liked cole slaw that much until I had it from here. Sweeter, more finely chopped. Really good. I'm glad I got this, too, because I almost subbed it out for something else.

Overall, definitely a cool place to hang out and catch the game. And, I would say the food is pretty good, too, if you are wanting some good, standard burgers and fries fare.

Grade: A
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