Shepherdstown Edition: Town Run Brewing Company

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Town Run BrewingTown Run Brewing Company is a restaurant with hopes of becoming a brewery.  Or, according to their Facebook - 

Town Run Brewing is:
Vintage arcade and pinball parlor
Live music venue
Art gallery 
Cocktail lounge
Community space
Event rental space

Town Run Brewing
While I didn't realize this upon entering, I took solace in the fact that they had lots of delicious craft brews available - even if they weren't ones brewed on site. In addition, they have lots of yummy food available. 

Town Run Brewing
When I entered, I took a seat at the bar and looked over the menu. People were dining outside, so occasionally a pup would walk through on its way to join then. It was pretty family-friendly, as opposed to a bar scene in the middle of the day. Inside, it's a large open space with some arcade games and a stage area for music. Definitely seems like it could have a cool vibe in the evenings.

Town Run Brewing
The menu had a few tasty options - I especially wanted a meat, cheese & pickle plate. But, I was just in for a snack this day. So I went for the "pub cheese," which was spicy pimento cheese style spread made with aged white New York cheddar and roasted jalapenos.

Town Run BrewingThe spread was thick - and a bit tough to "spread" - but good! It definitely had some kick to it, and it didn't have the creaminess of some other pimento cheese spreads. Instead, it was a bit more piecey and fresh. I was happy with this - something different, it was a nice quick bite and it woke my taste buds up. I wouldn't mind pairing this with a solid beverage next time!

Town Run BrewingHave you been? What's your favorite?

Town Run Brewing

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