Toscano in Appalachia - DeFeo Family Vineyard & Winery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Toscano in AppalachiaOne of the best things about Parkersburg's Point Park Marketplace is that there is a winery shop right inside.

Toscano in AppalachiaToscano in Appalachia - DeFeo Family Vineyard & Winery has tastings available for their various wines: Liebfraumilch, Riesling, Gerwurztraminer, Ciao Bella, Vecchio Volpe, Vigna Antico, Cinque - plus their delicious sangria.

Toscano in AppalachiaBecause I can go for either whites or reds - as long as it's not too sweet or too dry - I sampled a little of everything. I actually loved just about every one I tried! There were a few additional that weren't reflected on that sign.

Toscano in AppalachiaOh, and that sangria - absolutely delicious! A must-try if you're shopping in the area.

Toscano in AppalachiaThe "Bianco Tedesco" ended up going home with me. It's a German white wine that I felt was perfectly balanced. What's your favorite?

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