Morgantown Edition: Heavenly Hoagies

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Heavenly HoagiesHeavenly Hoagies has a kinda funny story for me. A friend (shoutout Kelen) told me about them - seriously - years ago, and through a series of failed attempts to go, I gave up.

Heavenly HoagiesAnd, then recently, a friend happened to see their food truck up at University Town Center, where apparently food trucks are taking turns setting up. So, it's fate that I'm finally able to try them.

Heavenly HoagiesThis food truck is based out of Mannington, but has been making it up to Morgantown on Thursdays to serve to the University Town Center crowd.

Heavenly Hoagies is a locally-owned business located in Enterprise, West Virginia. As of mid October 2016 we no longer have a sit down seating and take-out restaurant. We have switched our focus to building our mobile food truck offerings that we take out 5 days a week to different locations (look for an additional mobile truck with expanded locations – coming soon). Heavenly Hoagies is also a catering business. Open since 2011,  Heavenly Hoagies serves the needs of anyone who is interested in our services. We love the Lord and we try to let that be known in everything that we do, from the crosses on our trailer to the crosses on our shirts to the Holy spirit in our hearts, to the ministry that I have with everyone I encounter.
Heavenly HoagiesTheir specialty is hoagies - from steak and buffalo chicken to meatball and Italian.  Plus - tons of tasty sides like pasta and macaroni salad, mac & cheese bites, fried pickle chips and corn dogs! Folks at the truck were super friendly and guided me in the right direction when I didn't know what I wanted for a side.

Heavenly HoagiesThe meatball sub was hard for me to pass up - and I got it with mozzarella and mushrooms. I also got a side of the pepperjack mac bites. The meatball sub was tasty - I just wish it was bit more saucy. I suppose I prefer the meatballs a bit more moist, but the flavor was still good. The pepperjack mac bites were tasty, too! Fried and cheesy and just a touch of heat.

Overall, a pretty good meal. Great service. I hear the steak hoagie is even better, so I'll definitely have to give that a go next time!

Grade: B

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