Niagara Falls, CANADA Edition: McDonald's

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Niagara Mcdonalds

I feel like it's probably embarrassing of me to admit I went to McDonald's while in Canada.

Niagara Mcdonalds

But, like, I was super curious. Wouldn't you be? The first interesting thing is that you can order via kisok. But if you want to pay with cash, you have to go to the counter anyway. OR if you try to order here, like me, and print out the ticket but then it runs out of paper, you still have to go to the counter.

Niagara Mcdonalds

Turns out, McDonald's in Canada is pretty similar to the US - at least for breakfast.  The one thing I thought was cool was they had like a few kinds of bagels and a bagel BLT for breakfast. So, yes. I got it on an everything bagel, and it wasn't bad!

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