Buckhannon Edition: The World's End Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

The Worlds End

The name "The World's End Restaurant" creates intrigue.

The Worlds EndWhat it actually means is it serves a variety of all sorts of cuisines from across the world.

The Worlds End

It ranges from curries and sushi and Thai to Vietnamese and Chinese.

The Worlds End
The restaurant space reflects the eclectic menu. There are goods for sale, as well as more thrift store items on a pay-as-you-can scale.

The Worlds EndThe restaurant is primarily take-out.

The Worlds EndSo I sat at one of the tables and thumbed through a menu, as well as read over the daily specials.

The Worlds End
I wanted to try a few different things. so I flipped around.

The Worlds EndUltimately I went with a crab & cheese roll.

The Worlds EndAnd, I got their "VooDoo pasta" special.

The Worlds EndSo after chatting with folks while my meal cooked, I was handed my bag of deliciousness and headed on my way back to town.

The Worlds EndI even got jumbo shrimp with my pasta, because that makes everything better!

The Worlds EndBoth were tasty and unique to have this combo.

The worlds endWhat have you ordered here?

The Worlds End

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