Clendenin Edition: Frostbite Dairy Bar

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM


One of my favorite finds is a local dairy bar.

FrostbiteFrostbite Dairy Bar is Clendenin's favorite ice cream shop.

FrostbiteThey have sandwiches, hot dogs, fried appetizers and, of course, ice cream.

FrostbitePlus more!

FrostbiteWe made our way up the stairs to place our order. I went with a grilled cheese, chili, and Snickeres "Frostbite."

FrostbiteAfter a few minutes, they called my number.

FrostbiteI picked up my food.

FrostbiteAnd made my way downstairs to the picnic table area.

FrostbiteIt was the perfect combination of warm and cold for a cozy fall day.

FrostbiteMmmm to all blizzard-type ice cream stuffs.

FrostbiteStandard grilled cheese.

FrostbiteTasty chili.

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