Fourth Annual BrewFest CharlieWest 2019

By Candace Nelson - 12:22 PM

BrewFest CharlieWestThe Fourth Annual BrewFest CharlieWest was held Saturday at Appalachian Power Park.

BrewFest CharlieWestIt was also my first Power game in years, so I was excited to check out the baseball game.

BrewFest CharlieWestThe team recently moved from an affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates to one of the Seattle Mariners.

BrewFest CharlieWestAnd, there were local craft breweries from around the state set up throughout the game.

BrewFest CharlieWestSo, it was a win-win for me.

BrewFest CharlieWestMy friend Maggie and I purchased general admission tickets and then purchased our beers separately.

BrewFest CharlieWestI made a beeline to the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company tent because I wanted to get my hands on a Zona's Revenge.

BrewFest CharlieWest

Our new flagship, Zona’s Revenge Witbier, named for Zona Heaster Shue aka The Greenbrier Ghost, is a wonderfully light refreshing Belgian-style wheat ale. Slightly cloudy in appearance, Zona offers a zesty orange, melon, fruity finish with hints of herbs and spices. Enjoy this pearly, refreshing Witbier while relaxing on the deck, or in a growler by the water. Zona’s Revenge is our former popular Lilly Dipper seasonal.
BrewFest CharlieWest

BrewFest CharlieWestAnd the Power Park is home to some new foods that I hadn't tried before.

BrewFest CharlieWest
Have you heard of Got Jerk! Island Bar and Grill?

BrewFest CharlieWestMaggie and I both decided to try something from the new menu.

BrewFest CharlieWestI went with "Buffalo Soulja Chicken Nachos" which has buffalo chicken dip, diced tomatoes and jalapenos.

BrewFest CharlieWestMaggie ordered the "Pulled Pork Sundae," which has a fried tortilla bowl, pulled pork topped with slaw and a cherry tomato.

BrewFest CharlieWestWhat's your favorite ballpark snack?

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