Harman Edition: Cooper & Sons

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Cooper & Son

This old country store in Harman is home to many things.

Cooper & SonBread, milk, local honey, guns, antiques.

Cooper & SonAnd, it's also home to a kitchen with sandwiches, hot dogs, breakfast and more.

Cooper & SonLooking over the menu, I had a tough time deciding.

Cooper & SonIt's actually quite lengthy!

Cooper & SonUltimately, I ordered an Italian sub and perused the store until it was ready.

Cooper & SonThere were so many other goodies I was tempted to buy:

Cooper & SonPepperoni rolls!

Cooper & SonRaw honey.

Cooper & SonLocal maple syrup.

Cooper & SonI loved this decor/antique.

Cooper & SonPlus some primitive decorations.

Cooper & SonOnce my sandwich was ready, I picked it up from the kitchen and headed to the front of the store to purchase it.

Cooper & SonIt's huge!

Cooper & SonI got it with all the fixins - lettuce, tomato, mayo, Italian, deli meats & cheeses. That's the only way to go.

Cooper & SonWhat's your favorite thing here?

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