Charleston Edition: Melange Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Melange Cafe

I went to Melange Cafe when it first opened because I was dying to check it out.

Melange CafeAt this point, they had a limited menu, and they have since expanded a bit.

Melange CafeThe space is convenient for me - it's nearby and right along Quarrier Street.

Melange CafeThere are a variety of drinks - teas, coffees, etc.

Melange CafeI ended up with a hot chocolate with espresso - here, called a Dirty Abuelita.

Melange CafeYum.

Melange CafeThey served tacos, and on this day they had two pork tacos with Spanish rice.

Melange CafeHave you been here?

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