Ravenswood Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World

By Candace Nelson - 8:58 PM

Ravenswood Tudors

I know it seems like I've been working on this Tudor's tour forever, and that's because I have. Am I tired of Tudor's? Yes, yes I am. But we have to go on. And this day, we visited the Tudor's Biscuit World in Ravenswood, which has a cute modern country exterior with fresh flowers.

Ravenswood Tudors

The menu is the same, and I've now tried all the biscuits - including each of the different types of ham. So, this one is a shaved ham and cheese. Classic combo. 

Ravenswood Tudors

It's good, but at this point, I'm allowed to be a bit more picky. I don't want a ton of meat, but I also don't love when it's not full enough that the top biscuit eclipses the bottom biscuit and it's just a big bite of dry biscuit. Not bad; could be better.

Grade: B

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