Hilliard, OH Edition: Donatos Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 12:50 PM


Even though 2020 has been the weirdest year ever, I am still staying busy and eating as much as I possibly can. The past couple months have been sparse for blog content - not because I haven't been trying new restaurants - but because I bought a house! So all of my free time has gone toward getting settled. So I apologize for the delay - but let's get to it and talk about a new-to-me pizza spot: Donatos.


Donatos is Dawn's favorite pizza, so we had to hit it up while in Hilliard, Ohio (which is the Columbus area). It is "America's original Edge to Edge pizza" on their famous thin, crispy crust. It is cut into squares - also known as "tavern style" or "party style." I feel like I see this in the Midwest only.

The crust is, indeed, very thin - but wasn't particularly crisp. And, the sauce really did go allll the way to the edges, so if you don't love the puffy crust at the end or even the super crunchy bit, this may be for you. I liked the flavor of the sauce - mild, but not bland. And they were not skimpy on the toppings, even on a small pizza. It's not my preferred pizza, but it may be my favorite of this style!

Grade: A

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