Charleston Edition: Carol's Soul to Soul

By Candace Nelson - 9:17 PM

BKS the pateo

Have you been to the corner of Ruffner and Washington in downtown Charleston? 

BKS the pateo

To be honest, it's not an area I spend much time in, nor does it have the best reputation. 

BKS the pateo

But new folks have revitalized the area that I formerly knew as the East End Bazaar into the new "B.K.S. The Pa'Teo," which stands for Best Kept Secret. 

Miss Carols Soul to Soul

There are a couple vendors there, including the first one I tried: Carol's Soul to Soul. After seeing Carol Hines post in a local Facebook group, I friended her so I could keep up with where she's cooking. That's what led me here.

Miss Carols Soul to Soul

Carol's Soul to Soul serves up soul food that changes regularly - but you'll often see fish, fries, wings, burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, BBQ, mac & cheese, greens and more. I went with two favs: a cheeseburger and baked mac & cheese. 

Miss Carols Soul to Soul

This was like good, straightforward backyard cookout food. A solid, reliable burger. A solid, reliable pile of mac made for a tasty, filling lunch.

Grade: A

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