Wayne Edition: Gino's Spaghetti House & Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 7:13 PM

Gino’s - Wayne

! This time we're in Wayne to check out the local pizza offerings.

Gino’s - Wayne

I love that the western locations offer the pepperoni bites, "fresh dough wrapped around tasty pepperoni then seasoned with garlic butter and sprinkled with Romano cheese." So I definitely had to get those, and they are always delicious. I love the little bite-size pieces of pepperoni plus cheese and just tons of garlic and butter.

Gino’s - Wayne

But I also ordered an Italian sandwich with mayo, and it was delicious. I don't love the warm lettuce, but other than that there was a lot of meat, cheese and veggies in a bun that was toasted. It was a tasty sandwich, and probably one of the best ones I've had from a Gino's location.

Gino’s - Wayne

Grade: A

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