Wheeling Edition: Elle & Jack's

By Candace Nelson - 6:59 PM

Elle & Jacks

I was in Wheeling recently and grabbed lunch with my mom at Elle & Jack's.  

Elle & Jacks

The restaurant was somewhat busy, which was immediately evident when it took several minutes to get us seated, to get menus, to get drinks. This kept me a little on edge, counting the minutes down on our lunch break. 

Elle & Jacks

The space is nice, though - modern, yet elegant. And there is outdoor dining along the road, which is where we opted to sit. The menu for lunch was fairly small with burgers, sandwiches and salads. I went for the classic burger with American cheese, mayo, ketchup, onion and a side of fries. 

Elle & Jacks

Unfortunately, by the time the food came out, our lunch break was over and we had to get the food to go and eat separately. Once I was able to dig in, it was pretty good. A bit cold and soggy at this point, but my burger was well-seasoned, and the slice of melty cheese always makes everything better. 

Grade: B

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