Charleston Edition: Olin's Day and Night Market

By Candace Nelson - 9:01 PM

Olins Day & Night Market

Sometimes it's not a restaurant that is the gathering place of a community - but a convenience shop.

Olins Day & Night Market

That idea is what drew me to Olin's Day and Night Market. They are kind of a one-stop-shop that has a little bit of everything from packaged food and coolers to beer and produce.

Olins Day & Night Market

They did have a few packaged sandwiches, which I grabbed for lunch. A ham and American cheese sandwich would have been better if there was cheddar - but for a quick sandwich, it's not bad at all. There were some communal condiments at the bottom, which I declined but did add some packets of mayo, which gave it a bit more moisture and flavor. 

Olins Day & Night Market

Grade: B

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