Review Criteria

I've been asked many times what I look for when I go to a restaurant. The truth is, I'm just an average diner who likes to write and that's how this blog was born. I don't do intricate mathematical equations on points for various categories, because, again, my degrees are in English and journalism. Instead, I tend to write about what stands out to me. That being said, there are four main things I generally look for:

1. Food - This is a given, right? I want what I'm eating to taste good! I want to feel satisfied, full and happy. I always love to see things I haven't seen before or twists on classic dishes. Above all else, I want my tastebuds to sing heavenly symphonies.

2. Service - Service is important in any business, but I think in hospitality, it's especially important. If the food is great, but I feel unwelcome, invasive or like I'm holding someone up from being somewhere, I'm not going to have a great experience. I want that comfort, the welcomeness and the overall experience to be a pleasant one.

3. Atmosphere - This could probably encompass tons of things, but the main elements are privacy, decor, cleanliness, location, parking, accessibility, views, etc. This is basically anything that I notice that isn't strictly food or service. If I had to fight with tons of other patrons for a parking spot, then get seated next to a bathroom and feel like I'm dining with the couple next to me, rather than my own partner, it's not going to make for a great feel overall.

4. Affordability - I am far from rich. Money is often tight for me, and most other people. I want to get the most bang for my buck. And that doesn't mean that the restaurant needs to be cheap; it just needs to be worth what I paid. I do not mind paying extra for a top cut of meat, excellent service and a romantic ambiance. Because I like the dining out experience. I do, however, mind paying extra for mediocre service and food.

General Guidelines: 

-Large, corporate chain restaurants are generally not reviewed unless under special circumstances, such as there are few in the area, it has a large local following or other general newsworthy factors. These chains or franchises will not, however, receive a grade. 

-Cafeterias will generally not be reviewed because their audience is not typically the open public. They are created for specific individuals who are part of a group - college students, nursing homes, hospitals, local businesses, etc.

-All restaurants can be found in the alphabetical list. Those without a grade are listed in honorable mentions.

-More permanent restaurant fixtures will appear in an alphabetized list, but events, shows, etc. will not since they vary year to year. Find those by using the search function.

-The focus is on West Virginia restaurants. Out of state (and country) locations allowed. Those are found under their location on the front page and as part of a larger alphabetized list.

-Restaurants that are part of a larger group can be listed by each as well as the larger part.

-Out of area restaurants can be condensed into one post or many, dependent on content/audience.

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