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By Candace Nelson - 1:48 PM

For lunch today, Brittany and I grabbed some bar food at the Brick Yard Pub. This smoke-free pub features specials, a full menu and is home of the "yard glasses." Their full story can be found here. Located right in downtown Morgantown on Spruce Street, there isn't free parking, but there is a parking garage less than a block away.

Considering it is more of a pub, and we went in at about noon, it was pretty bare. We were the only ones inside until around 1 p.m., when two other parties showed up. This may be why we had excellent service, but I'll give Brick Yard the benefit of the doubt. The man working immediately tended to us, and had our drinks out to us in less than a minute or so.

The menu features typical pub fare, but it's all named after Morgantown areas. For example, there are: Spruce salsa and chips,  The Stewartstown, The Waterfront Wedge, The Cheat Lake, Sunnyside Salad, The Wharf, The Westover, The South Park, The I-79, The Pleasant Street Pulled Pork, The Suncrest, The Lair, The Star City, The Sabraton, The PRT, The Coliseum, Greenbag Bleu Burger, Willowdale Western Burger, and The Deckers Creek. Very cool!

We decided on "The Stewar- tstown" for an appet- izer: a bacon and grilled chicken quesadilla with sour cream and salsa. I was surprised at how tasty this was. It wasn't a squashed-flat quesadilla; it was full of chicken, bacon and gooey cheese. The salsa was also very tasty - a little kick, but not overwhelming. This has probably been my favorite quesadilla in Morgantown to date.

I wish I could say the same for my entree, The Suncrest, a grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese and ranch dressing spinach wrap. This wrap just didn't do it for me. The flavors were bland, and the meal was slightly dry. Though it says there is ranch involved, I barely tasted it. If there was more cheese and more ranch, I think this dish could have been better. But with barely-there flavors, I wasn't impressed. I instead chose to snack on my side of chips instead.

For dessert, they had one option: fried oreos and ice cream. Intrigued, we immediately ordered them. Why these are not on the menu, I have no idea. As far as a deep-fried oreo goes, it's a chocolatey mess of deep-fried. But paired with a thick vanilla bean ice cream balanced out the hot, chocolate flavor with a cool, sweet one.

Grade: B
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