Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me

By Candace Nelson - 2:40 PM

I just finished reading "Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me," so I wanted to share some insight. The book features Chelsea Handler on the cover, but it is actually written by her friends and family about insane lies she's told them over the years. She has written three books: My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands, Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea, and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. I own all of these, and I knew her books are light-hearted and humorous. When you read hundreds of pages of textbooks each day, the last thing I want to read is more hard-hitting, thought-provoking prose. Instead, I opt for some mindless garbage that I can knock out in a few days. "Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me" took about three days on and off for me to complete.

The collection of short stories are from members of the roundtable to people who work behind the scenes to her brothers to her dog. Each is fairly well-written, and the tone remains consistent through each writer. A few writers have a few different lies from Chelsea to talk about, and others have just one, large one. They are all fairly hilarious and kept me entertained through the 300-page book. While reading this, you can get a sense of who Chelsea really is. A side of her shows on the "Chelsea Lately" show, but this adds a new layer. What I got from this is that she's an awful, mean liar. But she's also one of the most caring people.

Above all else, Chelsea is definitely an entertainer, and she keeps up that theme with this book. Just in time for the summer, take it along for a trip to the beach or just a few hours of downtime.The book can be purchased from Amazon for $13.08. It's 292 pages long, so it's a very nice simple book for summer.

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