Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yesterday's Restaurant, Bar & Grille

I remember when Yesterday's first opened, a few years ago. I was the copy desk chief at The Daily Athenaeum, and my copy editor told me about the new restaurant her father and a friend opened. It turns out to be Yesterday's, and it turned out to be a hit. I've had Yesterday's a dozen or so times the past few years, but I sat down with Melanie to have a good all-around meal recently.

Yesterday's is located in the Northpointe Plaza at the end of the Mileground. Thankfully, there is plenty of parking. It's a nicer casual restaurant, but not stuffy at all. It's a comfortable, classy restaurant. When you walk in, there is a good-sized bar to the left and a few dining areas, as well as an outside dining area complete with fireplace for the winter. The ceiling had colorful cloth kites hanging from the rafters, and dark wood and lighting give the restaurant a sense of home.

We browsed the drink menus first, and I decided on a strawberry lemonade, and Melanie ordered a blackberry drink. Mine was spot-on, and not too strong. Melanie's was a little stronger, but it was still sweet. We were happy with our decisions. Next, it was onto the food menu.

Melanie and I put in an order of "Chicken and Cheese Relleno" for our appetizer. This delicious dish boasted a roasted poblano pepper stuffed with chicken, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, jack and chedder cheese and pico de gallo. It came out as one giant piece, so it was a bit difficult to eat. If you're not comfortable with your date, it might not be the best to order. But the dish was excellent. It's a really hearty dish, with tons of goat cheese and chicken and tomatoes. The herbs and flavors blended together seamlessly, and the textures were perfect. I was very pleasantly surprised with this appetizer.

For my entree, I couldnt take my eyes away from the lobster macaroni and cheese. For whatever reason, it stood out to me on the menu. The $20 pricetag was a little hard to manage, but it was a brand-new dish on the menu, and I finally gave in.When it  came out, I was a little confused. First of all, the entire top was covering in a cracker-type of coating. And it was in a cast-iron skillet that was fairly shallow. I began to second-guess my decision to spend this much money. The noodles were penne. Though it wasn't a huge portion, it was enough to fill me for dinner and even have a small box to take a little home. If my appetite was a little stronger that evening, it wouldn't have been enough.

But, the creamy sauce was outstanding, and the lobster was delicious. It wasn't small, imitation pieces - it was very good. The coating was too much for me. If it had been baked so it was more soft, that would have been better, but the dry crackers on top were a little overwhelming, and it's difficult to not inhale them. But for all that, it was worth it. The dish was very tasty. The creamy sauce was perfect with the noodles, and this comfort food with a touch of sophistication really is a pleasant experience. Though a few tweaks would have made this dish one of the top all time in Morgantown, I can't deny the quality and the flavors. Compared to other restaurants, Yesterday's is definitely toward the top of my list. I've had numerous meals here, and I've never been disappointed.

Grade: A
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