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By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Blogging every day is not easy. I generally kept my blog updated once per week. This semester, I have been updating it three times per week (usually Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). For this past week, I have blogged every day. This blog is technically my 10th in a row (two on each Monday). That's a lot!

I've learned that I talk ... a lot. But I have a lot to share! In some of my future blog posts, I want to talk about foods special to WV, as well as some of the festivals we have, and the local co-op. Food really is a big part of culture, so it's around every corner if you look hard enough. I am not short on ideas, but that's because this is a hobby of mine. I'm not struggling because in my free time, if I check out a new market or restaurant, it's fun. It's not work. I have a running email with tons of ideas for future posts.

The difficulty is simply finding time to devote to this. Updating a blog isn't necessarily easy when you know many people can find it. Your work is out there. Everyone can see it. The same isn't necessaily true for a homework assignment or a paper: The professor may be the only one to see it. But with a blog, all of you are seeing what I have to say. So, making time, on top of teaching, grading, classes, homework, reading, etc. is difficult. But I'm having fun with this, so I'm going to keep it going.

Future updates
Just so you have some things to look forward to, I plan on blogging about The Mountain People's Co-Op, foods special to WV, WV festivals, the soda vs. pop debate, and much, much more. Thanks for reading, and I hope I'll continue to entertain you. And entertain me some, too!

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  1. Your soda vs pop debate will also have to include "coke" and "tonic" and "dope"

    you've probably seen this before...but check it out!

  2. I did include that map in my upcoming blogpost. It's pretty interesting. I'm curious to see what my readers say! If I knew how to incorporate a poll into a post, I totally would. And the post is mostly soda vs. pop, but there is an "other" category!


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