There's a (new) restaurant in town!

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Five Guys Burgers and Fries has finally opened, after months of anticipation. I hadn't had much experience with the restaurant, so I was hesitant to get too excited. But people were really going crazy over it. A few updates in the student newspaper, numerous questions to their Twitter handle, and people driving by the location to see when it opened.

Today was the day. And I was there. But since I try to focus my blog on local food, I won't go too in-depth on my opinion of the restaurant. The menu was pretty basic, as they just specialize in a few things. You get to see them make your burger. Basically, I thought it was an average burger joint. They give you a ton of fries. I'd prefer a local place like Tailpipes.

But one thing is very interesting about this place: It has a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. What is this? Well, it's a machine that can make just about any pop that you want. You press a button for which type of pop you want, and then it pops up with variations of that pop. There are 100+ combinations. For example, if you press "Coke," you get options of "Coke Vanilla" "Coke Raspberry" "Cherry Coke", etc. The only other place to have a Freestyle machine in West Virginia was Weston's Wendys. So Morgantown has West Virginia's second machine.

I've mentioned that when I get a fountain drink, I usually mix a variety of options, including (but not limited to) Coke, Pibb, and a lemon-lime soda. It's quite tasty, and it reminds me of my younger days, going to the softball park and ordering at the concession stand. They had a drink called "graveyard," which mixed all of their pops together.

This machine is kind of revolutionary, in my opinion. It is stocked with so many different options, there has to be something there for everyone. Has anyone used this machine before? Any combinations that are rocking your world?

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