Princeton Edition: Angelo's Pizzeria

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Want to grab a great, local pizza in Princeton? Check out Angelo's. Chris and I went in recently to get a good bite to eat. The inside has some really cool wall murals that give it a homey feel. Their menu consists of pizza, of course, as well as calzones, pizza rolls, subs, pasta entrees, wings and salads.

I wanted to try a bit of everything, so we got a large pizza with olives, a large cheese calzone with mushrooms and a pizza roll. You order at the right counter, and pick up at the left side. We sat and watched their TV while we waited for it to be cooked. It has an old-school feeling, with the cooks slightly surly and not overly friendly. They were also extremely busy, but after tasting the pies, you can see why.

After our food was done, we headed home with three boxes: one medium, one large and one extra-large. On the way home, I peeked inside the top small one, thinking it'd be my calzone, but it was the pizza roll instead. If my calzone was in the next box size up, I knew it was going to be big. I waited until we got home to find out.

I opened the large box, and that was our pizza. Wait, what? So, the largest box is going to contain my calzone? Oh. Yeah. It's the biggest calzone I've ever seen. When they say large, it's literally the size of a large pizza (if not bigger) folded over. It came with three (THREE) sides of marinara sauce, if that tells you anything. It was fantastic, too - with stringy, creamy mozzarella and ricotta cheese. It was filled to the brim with mushrooms, too, which couldn't have made me happier. The marinara was tasty, tangy and a nice balance for the pounds of dairy I was about to ingest.

The pizza roll, with pepperoni, wasn't bad, either. With a doughy exterior and soft cheese, it was a nice spin on a pizza. But comparing it to my calzone, it wasn't a match. The pizza is flat, with layers of mozzarella, and ours had a more salty bite with the black olives sprinkled on top.

We had leftovers for days. And I'm already craving another ones of those calzones. This place doesn't skimp on the cheese, that's for sure. And that's perfectly alright in my book.

Grade: A
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