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By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Located underneath Dollar General on High Street, Billiards and Cue is pretty easy to miss. Unless you're looking for it. As you descend the stairs, you feel like you're entering another world: that of Morgantown's bar scene. Seriously, why are all the bars underground here?

Anyway, I was shocked at how big it was. Shocked. Pool tables, tons of seating, as well as lounge areas. This was going to be good! Or so I thought. It was still early, maybe 9ish, so there were only two other people in the place. They were playing pool.

My group of friends sat at one of the tables in front of the bar. The bartender saw us and walked the other way. That's odd. I assumed he'd say something since we were the only ones there. We waited, still nothing. We got up to go over to the bar area once the bartender came back and quickly learned that everything on tap was kicked. Bottles were our only option.

A few of my friends ordered their bottles. I was next in line when the bartender went to a back room, took a few bites of a piece of pizza, then came back to take my order. Maybe he didn't think we could see him through the opening to the back area? C'mon, really?

When he came back, I ordered a beer and looked at the menu. He said they only had cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza. What a buzzkill that was, since their menu looked yummy. But, I put in an order for a large cheese pizza. I said thank you. He ignored me and walked away. I get it, you're a college kid, you're working, you're unhappy. But I was just being civil; there's no reason to completely disregard me.

We went to sit at a booth. We tried to find one that was not completely sticky, but to no avail. This place was grimy. One of my friends remarked it was like a frat house's basement. Truer words were never spoken.

When the pizza was done, the bartender brought it over to the table. One of my friends asked if she could get another beer, too. The guy said she'd need to go over to the counter. She asked if he could just put it on her tab that she had open, and he said no. I was ready to leave at this point.

The pizza wasn't awful. We still ate it. It was pretty average. The cheese was tasty, but the crust was like what you'd get if you microwaved a pizza. Kind of soft and crumbly. Not ideal. If the pizza wasn't keeping me from coming back, the "service" sure would.

Grade: D
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