Making Sushi

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

I'm not a cooking maestro. We all know this. I have, however, been getting better. Some of the creations I make myself I even post on my Tumblr (which is rare), but something about making sushi just seemed too fun to pass up. My friends, Kaitlynn and Josh, make sushi regularly. I convinced them to let me in on their all-knowing ways and learn a little bit.

This may not be the most authentic or "correct" way to make sushi, but we sure had fun doing it. We bought a huge fillet of salmon and a huge package of crab meat at Sam's Club. Josh cut up the fish, and Kaitlynn and I started making our maki.

We had these bamboo mats that we put plastic wrap on top of. Then, we put a layer of seaweed and layered the rice (Which had been cooked with rice vinegar) then any ingredients we wanted. Most of mine contained crab meat, cream cheese and avocado.

My rolls weren't always the tightest, but it's an art to perfect.

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