Bluefield Edition: Pizza N' More

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

As I continue to take on Princeton and the surrounding areas, I am grasping to try new restaurants. I have a few on my list to check out (is Heritage Cafe still open?), but it's quickly dwindling. If you have suggestions for places in Princeton, please let me know!

While we were shopping at the mall, I saw two places that I can add to my list of places to dine: Pizza N' More and Sunny Days. I was in a pizza mood, so Pizza N' More it was.

It's in the food court area of the Mercer Mall, and it has its own little dine-in area, complete with mismatched and wobbling chairs. This is clearly not the mall's pride and joy. It could use some love put into it.

It was pretty clear when we entered, so I walked up to the counter to see what this place was all about. A few, slightly old looking pizzas littered the countertop. I wasn't sure if those were my only options, so I looked up at the menu.

It looked as thought you can basically order any kind of slice you want. I didn't want to make them go through the trouble to making a whole new pizza with just mushrooms (yum) for me. So I figured I'd order up two slices of pepperoni and a drink, which is pretty standard. They had a few lunch combos - 1 slice and 1 regular drink, 2 slices and 1 regular drink, 1 slice and 1 large drink, 2 slices and 1 large drink. I went with two slices and a large drink, which put my total around $5. They also have some pastas, wings, burgers, subs, salads and more. That must be the N' More part.

When the server went to scoop up my two pieces from the pie, he said they were stuck and wasn't going to sell them to me like that. Instead, he had a pepperoni pizza coming out of the oven, and it would only be a few minutes. Good timing.

He handed me a cup with ice and I filled my cup up with some variation of Sprite, Cherry Coke and Coke. I took a seat at the wobbly, sticky table. What do you expect in a mall food court?

There were a couple napkins scattered on the counter - no central location in which to find them. There were just a couple straws in a random holder on the edge of the counter. Not organized.

Shortly thereafter, he handed me a paper plate with two large, greasy slices of pepperoni pizza on top. My first thought was "WOW. That's a lot of grease." But with a ton of cheese on top, it didn't matter much to me. The pepperonis weren't overcooked either. The cheese was greasy and stringy - but sometimes that's exactly what hits the spot. The dough was puffier on the crust than I expected. I'd like if it was cooked a little more so it got some more crunch to it. I ended up leaving most of the crust behind, while devouring the cheesy pieces.

It really wasn't bad. It was good enough for me to down both slices. While the organization is questionable, the pie isn't too bad. I didn't mind paying my $5 for two huge slices of cheese, with a little bread and sauce thrown in.

Grade: B
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