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By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Sports Page is yet another of Morgantown's finest bars that is underground. I had always avoided this place because it was smokey. Like, so smokey that I couldn't breathe. But now that bars in town are smokefree, I was pumped to hit this spot up.

We walked in and grabbed a table. Sports Page is decorated with large TVs and other sports paraphernalia. A waitress came over with menus. This isn't just bar food, it's more than that. It's a pretty expansive menu, with appetizers, salads, wings, wraps, etc. They do have the bar specialties, but they have so much more. They had certain items that had little flaming footballs or baseballs next to them, and I asked if those were their specialties, but the waitress said they were just decoration. Ha.

I ordered a beer and a steak and bleu cheese wrap. Boy, this was probably the best thing I've ever ordered from a bar. Though I wish it was a little bigger, it was some nice shredded pieces of steak with crumbly bleu cheese with crispy bacon. It was tender, moist and everything a good wrap should be. You get your choice of fries, and and the peppered ones I got were great, too.

With a decent menu and drink options, this bar knocked it out of the park. Delicious!

Grade: A
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