Flying Fish and Co.

By Candace Nelson - 4:28 PM

Flying Fish used to be housed in the Seneca Center, next to its mother restaurant Glasshouse Grille. With Glasshouse out of business, it has moved locations to the Pierpont Landings area.

While this is the best place in town to purchase fresh fish and seafood, you can also get a good deal on lunch here. Soups, like crab and corn chowder or shrimp bisque, and sandwiches, like crab cake or salmon burgers, are main features. More items include slow roasted pork sandwich, oyster po boy, tuna salad wrap, cod sandwich and fish and chips. The menu is propped up on a board near the counter, but some takeout menus are on the side. I took one back to one of the tables and looked over the options.

I couldn't pass up the basic dish here: cod sandwich, beer battered, complete with lettuce, tomato and a side of tartar sauce with hand cut fries. All for a price of $7.95.

While there was a woman who noticed my friend Erin and I sitting and came over to check on us, we ended up going to the counter to order. So, I guess you could do it either way. Fountain drinks don't exist here; instead, they have a cooler with some cans of pop for purchase. After I plucked my can from the fridge, I assumed my seat. The dining area is larger than their last place, it seems. They have a few mismatched tables and chairs, but they somewhere make a cohesive space anyway. I liked the look - homey.

When our food came out, I kind of laughed at it. I didn't know what other reaction to have because it's simply so large. It's like they breaded an entire fish, threw it on a hoagie bun and called it a day. The cod is pretty good - I think some of their other fish/seafood is more fresh, but I don't think you can get anything close to it in town. I ended up using a fork and knife to eat it because I looked like a caveman attempting to pick it up.

I did, however, eat the entire thing. Boy, having a good piece of fish is like winning a (small) lottery here. Nice, flaky, fresh. It was tasty, the breading was seasoned well, I enjoyed the tartar sauce - not too much relish, but tangy and creamy. The bun was slightly steamed. All together, my sandwich was spot on.

I was okay with the fries. They were handcut. I'm just not big into fries - can't fault them there.

I think Flying Fish is one of those few restaurants in Morgantown who does one thing and does it really, really well. I can't even think of another fresh fish place in town that could compete. Pescatarians, rejoice. Everybody else should check it out, too.

Grade: A
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  1. Didn't know that Glasshouse and F/F in Seneca were out of business. Has anything gone in that space?

    1. I haven't been back there since they've not been there. I believe Glasshouse got new owners and it didn't work out so well. Not sure about Flying Fish's story. Check out the comments on my blog entry about it: http://candacelately.blogspot.com/2011/10/glasshouse-grille.html.

      It'd be nice if someone could resurrect Glasshouse. I thought it was a gem.


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