Hibachi Japanese Steak House

By Candace Nelson - 8:30 AM

HibachiHibachiOf the two hibachi restaurants in Morgantown, I had only gone to Fujiyama until recently. That needed to change before my time in Morgantown expires. Hibachi Japanese Steak House is located along University Avenue, and the exterior has probably seen better days. But don't let it discourage you.

Walking inside, you can see some age on the walls. I know the restaurant has been around since I've been here - so 6 years at least. But it's cool and that they have little eclectic momentos and decorations that they've gathered over time. We actually opted not to do the hibachi show and instead just took a table. We were seated right in front of the sushi bar, which was great to see the fresh fish and chef making rolls right in front of us.


HibachiThe menus were kind of overwhelming, to be honest. While they were interesting - it was slightly difficult to navigate, and I felt like I had to look at three separate places for the kinds of sushi. Or maybe I'm stupid. I decided on the chicken teriyaki dinner and an order of pizza rolls. Pizza rolls? They're a specialty sushi with crab, shrimp, avocado, spicy mayo, crunchies and smelt roe.

They first brought out the salad and miso soup. While the soup was on the more bland side, the salad was better than I've had before. I typically don't enjoy the ginger dressing, but this was smooth and more like Thousand Island dressing.


HibachiNext was my sushi. It was very tasty. Fresh ingredients, good flavors, firm texture. Definitely good. It was even in a cute little flower arrangement. Side note: I noticed the sushi chef was not Japanese. And, he's also the head sushi chef. So that was interesting. You don't see that every day. But he seemed really good and really sweet, too.

After sushi, my plate of noodles came out. That's not typically how it's served - usually all three portions of the combo meal are served together. So it was weird to just have the noodles, but soon after the chicken and the veggies came out, too.

HibachiThe noodles were tasty, as were the veggies. The chicken was pretty average. I was really looking forward to the "yum yum" sauce, but in fact, no sauce was in sight. We asked about the sauce a little later, and our server apologized and brought it out. Might I add our server was actually great - super helpful, super kind.

But the sauce we got, I wasn't super impressed with. It wasn't the creamy "yum yum"; it was more tangy - more of a bite to it. So, it was okay, just not ideal.

Overall, I liked the service, the sushi, and the noodles. The chicken itself wasn't super flavorful, and the sauces didn't help a whole lot. But it's still a fun environment. And if you're into getting pieces of seafood chucked at your face, you might want to hit up the kitchen. If you're one of those guys who is gifted with that, I'm envious.

Grade: B
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  1. I worked here for 4 years starting when I was 15...so almost 17 years ago. I quit when I was a assistant sushi chef.

    1. 17 years ago?! Sher, when did you get so old? And I think being a sushi chef would be one of the coolest jobs ever.


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