Charleston Edition: Blues BBQ

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Blues BBQBlues BBQBlues BBQ is listed as a unique place to dine, so I was intrigued. And, I mean, it's BBQ, so, yes.

"Blues is famous for its mouth-watering barbecue and ribs, smoked fresh daily right on the premises and served in a casual dining atmosphere. Or, choose from a variety of specialty salads and sandwiches, then top off your meal with a delicious hand-spun milkshake," as per WV Dept. of Commerce

Blues BBQBlues BBQ

Blues BBQMy friend and I went to see what the fuss is about. It's a little off the beaten path - for me, that is. We had a few menus at our tables, which have some wear and tear. 

Looking over the menu, there are three types of BBQ - Blues Original (Tomato Based), Williamsburg Style (Molasses/Vinegar Based) and East Carolina (Mustard Based). Our waitress gave us samples of all three to try. 

The Blues Original - tomato based - seemed like a poor man's version. It was just that sort of bland, cheap sauce flavor. Not a huge fan of that one.

The Williamsburg Style - molasses/vinegar based - was kind of the opposite. It was pretty sweet. A little too sweet, actually. 

Blues BBQ 
Blues BBQBut the third - like porridge - was perfect. The East Carolina is mustard based, so it's tangy and slightly sweet but not too much. 

I ordered a sandwich with that type of pulled pork (and slaw!). The sandwich was tasty. The slaw wasn't a finely shopped sort, it was piecey with large hunks of cabbage. But it still tasted great. A few mushy/unsavory pieces, but for the most part, it was tasty.

And a homemade milkshake is hard to come by. A strawberry one hit the spot.

Grade: B
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