Charleston Edition: China Gourmet

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

China GourmetChina GourmetAs I've mentioned before, one of my main purposes for maintaining this blog is not only to satisfy my desire to experience a community through its food and try every place I can, but it also offers me a place to collect experiences with my friends and family.

Eating is a big part of our culture. And the people you choose to dine with are important.

China GourmetI usually don't go into too much personal detail on my blogs. I have a line or two that suggests who I was with - if not a photo - and some hint as to what we talked about. Some of my friends love this, some don't. It's my own personal way of keeping a diary that can help others.

Warning: personal shiz here.

My first, and best, friend is Kristin. We grew up together. Being only children, we only really had each other. We fought a ton, but we always made up. I was a bit more rebellious and introduced her to her first cigarette. Her parents were very strict. As we grew older, I had other friends, but Kristin was always the one I could count on - like the sister I didn't have. We grew apart a little in high school when we both had boyfriends and eventually when I left Wellsburg for college in Morgantown.

China GourmetI heard rumblings of how bad the drug problem became in Wellsburg. And it had. It wasn't pot or a painkiller - it was heroin. Heroin is so bad because of Pittsburgh to the right and Steubenville to the left. I never imagined how bad it would get there. But in the six years that I've been gone, I've had friends die from drugs and my best friend, Kristin, almost did.

The person who I was a bad influence on became the person I never thought I'd see. Who sticks a need in their arm? It's real. It's happening. It's happening to people I know. This isn't a far-stretch or crazy idea.

Kristin hit rock bottom, but she's climbing her way back up. She's in a halfway house down here in Charleston - closer to me to hopefully be a good influence. I got to see her for the first time in years a few days ago. I took her to Chinese - something she hadn't had in ages.

China Gourmet was close.

China GourmetI wanted this to be the best experience. And it was a great one. The food could have been better, though.

Sushi had this weird film over it.

Some areas seemed blocked off, as if we couldn't eat there yet.

The grill area was void of a chef. 

Some of it was kind of old. Some of my classics were missing, and even with what was there, I just felt the quality was average. Service was spotty.

My company was amazing. The food was mediocre. Service meh. Anything special here? Not really.

Grade: C
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