Charleston Edition: 5 Corners Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 4:26 PM

5 Corners Cafe5 Corners CafeOne of my coworkers dined at 5 Corners and gave me a rave review of the West Side restaurant. On one of my final assignments for the Daily Mail, photographer extraordinaire Tom Hindman - and probably one of hte most down-to-earth and hilarious people I've ever met - and I were passing the restaurant before heading back to the office. I casually mentioned I had been wanting to go here. He promptly asked if I'd had lunch yet. I said no, and he whipped around and parked right in front of the restaurant.

Lunch is served.

5 Corners CafeIt may not be the best area of town, but if your vehicle is nearby, I think it's OK. And it was in the middle of the day, so hopefully that helped. Either way, we found ourselves walking inside a nice place. A man greeted us and handed us some menus.

Sandwiches galore.

But one that I haven't seen was Grace's Grilled Cheese Caprese. Already sounds good, right? It was American, Gouda and Provolone cheese with fresh basil and tomato on white bread drizzled in a balsamic reduction. Mmmm. Got that with a side of potato salad.

5 Corners Cafe

Classic comfort food with a touch of fancy. To be honest, you could probably put balsamic on anything, and I'd be a fan. But taking two favorites - a grilled cheese and a caprese salad - and combining them is probably a quick and easy way to get you a good grade.

It's simple but smart. Creamy cheese, some cool tomato, with crunchy toast and sweet balsamic - I mean. C'mon. Simple, but lovely. Will definitely try again. Potato salad did not wow me, but I didn't really need it do.

For a good, simple, but delish sandwich, check 'em out.

Grade: A
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