Clarksburg Edition: Shogun Japanese Steak House

By Candace Nelson - 2:29 PM

Shogun Japanese SteakhouseAll of the sushi places in Morgantown probably know me by name now, so my friend Afton and I decided to get out of town for a bit and try something different.

We ventured out of Morgantown, through Fairmont and landed in Clarksburg at their resident Japanese restaurant: Shogun Japanese Steak House.

Rather than go through the hibachi show, we sat in the sushi bar area. Unfortunately, they sat us right beside the door and every time new people would come in, not only did they gawk over us and our food, but they also let in this chilling puff of air. Bleh.

Shogun Japanese SteakhouseShogun Japanese Steakhouse

Shogun Japanese SteakhouseThe menu is very visual, but none of the rolls really spoke to me. So I looked over the accompanying chef special rolls (all of which were $11). I had the TNT roll, which was spicy tuna, crab, avocado, deep-fried and topped with spicy mayo, eel sauce and masago. I also ordered the Shogun Crab Roll, which was crabmeat and cucumber wrapped in seaweed and rice, topped with shredded crabmeat and Japanese sweet mayo. Afton ordered the Tokyo, which was two pieces of shrimp tempura, topped with spicy tuna, crunch and eel sauce.

Our waitress was incredibly sweet and accommodating. Our food came out fairly quickly, despite them being fairly busy on a Saturday night.

The TNT roll was good. I think they forgot my masago, but it was fine, regardless. Maybe this is me being bratty, but when it's deep-fried, I kind of like the tuna to still be raw on the inside, which probably isn't easy to do. But I've had it before and now prefer it that way. So this was fine. Not super flavorful - quality could've been maybe a little less than extra fresh.

Shogun Japanese Steakhouse
The Shogun Crab roll was pretty simple. The sauce on it, which ended up being this white/cream/yellow sauce was just ... not appealing. I think if it were totally white, like a mayo, or totally yellow, it would've been a different story. But it just looked goopy and yucky.

The Tokyo roll wasn't bad either. I hate having to rip apart a roll to take the tail off in tempura rolls because it just becomes a mess, but it was fine.

I just keep finding myself saying that these items weren't bad. They were kind of right down the middle average. I wouldn't seek this place out again, but if it were convenient, I wouldn't be opposed to going.

Grade: C
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