Morgantown Edition: Smitty's Kountry Kreme

By Candace Nelson - 9:42 AM

Smitty'sSmitty'sI've followed Smitty's to three separate locations now, despite its glaring betrayal to the English language with the words "Kountry Kreme." But where there's good ice cream, I follow.

Smitty's Kountry Kreme used to be located past the University Town Centre, but then it opened in Sabraton. The Sabraton location is still up and running, but they've now opened a dine-in location in the former TCBY in Suncrest. If you can stomach their Facebook page which often goes on religious rants or passive aggressive jabs, it's a good place to get new info.

The new place has a good bit of parking and a small dining area, which is perfect for chillier weather. There are two kind of separate menu areas. There's one behind the main counter listing  ice cream options and another to the left that lists food.

Smitty'sI ordered a banana split and two hotdogs with chili, slaw, mustard and onions. You know you're back in northern West Virginia when  you are charged extra for chili and slaw.

I didn't wait long before my banana split was delivered. I started jabbing at it while waiting on my food. But it was so good. 

Large scoops of ice cream drizzled in strawberry glaze or pineapple with whipped cream and slices of banana. This was lovely.

Smitty'sThe hotdogs fell short of my expectations. The sauce tasted like an actual chili. Not hotdog chili. Like actual chili. So it was weird. The slaw wasn't good. Large pieces without much flavor. Kind of limp. Meh meh. It had a side of ruffles potato chips. I mean, it' a hotdog. But I was really hoping for some good sauce and slaw.

As a side, I was not impressed with the loud giggling girls who were working that night. One was talking over the counter to a friend in the dining room for the majority of my visit. They were young, and probably wanted the attention, but it was difficult to enjoy a conversation with my own friend with that commotion going on. 

Grade: B
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