Morgantown Edition: The Grind WV

By Candace Nelson - 4:33 PM

The GrindThe GrindJay's Daily Grind has switched ownership and is now known as The Grind WV. It's my understanding that one of the employees at Jay's bought the shop, which makes sense why it's in many ways the same as the previous restaurant -- but in other ways, totally different.

The Grind WV is located right off WVU's campus and is an easy walk for students. For those of us who have to drive there, it's a little more treacherous - though two small short-term lots are directly behind the building. Good luck finding parking there during peak hours, though.

I have to say - it's worth it.

The GrindThe Grind

The GrindIt's a small, but cozy inside. You order at the counter and take a seat to the right (where there are a dozen or so tables) or left (just a table and the trash area) and wait for your name to be called. This is just like Jay's.

What's new, you ask?

Well, they take CREDIT CARDS. YES. CREDIT CARDS. This is revolutionary, people. They also have wifi and extended hours!

They also have a little bit more creativity going on. Daily soups are a new thing, as are a few prepared hummus and pita sandwiches at the front. They have specials on their Facebook that include baked goods and other delicious items.

The GrindThat's what drew me in. I saw a photo on their Facebook about a tomato bisque, and a friend texted me to tell me about it. Tomato bisque with candied pecans, reggiano parm and local rendered bacon. Good. God.

I also grabbed a hummus sandwich and sat at the window to people watch.

The GrindLet's just start with this sandwich. As simple as it sounds, it is so, so good. It's a delicious hummus with delicious pita and delicious red peppers. I don't know if it's homemade or not, but I know if I bought all these at the store, I couldn't even assemble it as good as this. I was kind of amazed at the flavor of a small sandwich. And I've had some very meh hummus. This was tasty.

This soup. I hope for your sake that they offer it again because wow.

So silky smooth, and creamy and amazing. The bacon and cheese and candied pecans are not something you get in most tomato soups. Just so, soo good. Please put this on as a regular item, because I'm not sure what to do without it in my life. Now, serve up a grilled cheese and heaven.

Grade: A
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