Beckley Edition: Pasquale's

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM



It's rare I make stops in Beckley anymore, but on the way back from Lewisburg, our tummies were rumbling.

Pasquale Mira's is well-known in the area for some of the best Italian food. We were seated in an terrace area, with views outside. It was cute.

The menu had classic American Italian pasta dishes: spaghetti lasagna, ziti, ravioli, manicotti, eggplant parmesan. Oh, and my favorite - jumbo shells.

But first, a salad with their housemade dressing.

Pasquale'sBlah. Some iceberg lettuce with may two or three small, tasteless pieces of tomato all soaked in the the dressing. I don't really know why people seem to be fond of this. Boring.

They brought out a basket of cold bread that was ... well, bread. Nothing too special there.

Pasquale'sOkay, but onto the shells, florentine actually. I also ordered a side of meatballs because I was curious. I tried them first.

Pasquale'sNot bad, actually. They crumble easily - they were well-seasoned, though. And I liked the marinara sauce. Not super powerful and hearty, but like a better-seasoned basic sauce.

Pasquale'sThe shells weren't bad, either. You can't really go wrong when there's a blanket of melted cheese atop some pasta. I do wish there had been a bit more filling inside the actual shells with more flavor. It kind of all blends together, but a little bit more seasoning. Maybe another kind of cheese. But still, overall good. Slightly above average.

Grade: B
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