Morgantown Edition: Atomic Grill at 123 Pleasant Street

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

123 Atomic CollageI know 123 Pleasant St. has tried food a few times. And they've done small bluegrass brunches and things of that sort. 123 is the best place in town for local music, but for some reason, food just hasn't quite worked. I'm hoping the addition of Atomic Grill's satellite location will buck that trend.

Atomic Grill at 123Atomic Grill has opened up a small satellite kitchen in 123, serving up pulled pork/chicken/tofu or brisket sandwiches, "stuff inna cup!," Chico's Burger, The Fallstaff, Black Bean Burger, Ultimate Pork Skins, and sliders for the kids. It's a fraction of their full menu, but you can see the vegetarian-friendly options in an otherwise typically carnivorous menu. Currently, they're open Wednesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. until late.

We entered through the main doors and went to the right upper bar. Menus were scattered about on the tables. You place your order at the bar. I went for The Fallstaff burger, which says it is "payin' homage to one of the best burgers in town... cheese and fresh jalapeno slaw." I THINK this is referencing an older restaurant that used to be in town (before my time). But it was different enough to catch my eye. Afton got the Chico's Burger, and we split an order of the Ultimate Pork Skins, which have melted cheese, choice of meat or tofu and scallions over fried pork skins.

When the order was ready, I picked it up at the window to the kitchen in the back and brought it back to my seat.

Atomic Grill at 123The pork skins are pork rinds. I was thinking they would be like potato skins or something for some reason. I guess it's the word skins. It's a lot. Nacho cheese and pork rinds - maybe pulled pork would've been better. I'm not sure. But overall, it was just a bit too salty for me. But that's me.

My burger, however, was so good. I am typically a burger - tons of onion - lettuce - tomato - ketchup - mustard - mayo - all of the cheese person. And I frickin' love blue cheese on a burger.

Atomic Grill at 123
Anyway, this one was just cheese and jalapeno slaw. But it was delicious. It doesn't need a ton of bells and whistles. Simple, sweet and spicy. Totally dig it. I will be back just to order this. I liked the sweet heat of the slaw with the thick slice of cheddar. Awesome flavor. Bun perfectly toasted.

I was surprised they didn't ask me how I wanted my burger done - so I'm wondering if they're not made to order? I don't know. It seemed like it was prepared fresh to me. And it was delicious.

Grade: A
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