Clarksburg Edition: Toni's Ice Cream & Yogurt

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Toni's Ice CreamAfter dinner in Bridgeport one night, I scoped out a nearby place to have dessert. Toni's Ice Cream came up a few times. It's located in Clarksburg and is open late. T

Toni's Ice CreamOn this night, it was raining like crazy, so I was super thankful for their drive-thru.

I got a regular ice cream cone with black raspberry. That seems to be a special house flavor, since there was chocolate, vanilla, twist and black raspberry.

Toni's Ice CreamI also got it with scooter crunchies, because what the hell are those.

Well, it turns out scooter crunchies are the best things ever. I remember getting ice cream at the convenient store near my house growing up that was strawberry and had those things on it. I just never knew they were called scooter crunchies.


Raspberry ice cream with scooter crunchies. Yes, just yes. Delicious.

Grade: A
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