Friendsville, MD edition: Working H Farms

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Working H & High Country CreameryMorgantown is void of butchers. I hope one is opening up shop in the near future, but for now, the best bet is to make friends with a local farmer who can hook you up.

Working H & High Country CreameryWorking H Farms is a group of four farms in Cranesville, where they provide naturally raised grass-fed beef, pork and free range poultry and eggs. They frequent the Morgantown Farmers Market and have just recently opened up their processing plant and storefront across the border in Friendsville, Maryland. We went for the grand opening. They had a few different vendors there - cheese, jams/jellies and soap.

Working H & High Country CreameryThe folks at Working H are pretty awesome. Super welcoming and accommodating. I ended up buying some of their mild BBQ sauce (which has just a slight tang but all good) and two of their NY strip steaks.

These are very tasty. Plus I like being able to talk to someone really knowledgeable about their product and how it was raised. Since they raise it, they know it didn't have antibiotics or hormones or other drugs. They can tell you the best way to cook it. They know this meat, and they're happy to help you learn about it.

I do wish they were right in town, but it's not a far drive. Anyone know of other local butchers? We recently went to Harry's Custom Meats, which is selective about what it puts out and when. But I did try deer jerky from there that was good. I've also heard of Young and Stout, Maple Valley Meat Market and Hydes Meat Packing. But not sure of reviews. It seems other places around the state have a bit more luck. Thoughts on butchers? Any local?

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