Morgantown Edition: Dos Bros Cantina

By Candace Nelson - 12:23 PM

Dos Bros CollageThe Mediterranean Market went out of business, and a new Tex-Mex restaurant has replaced it: Dos Bros Cantina. They've been pretty active (and funny) on Twitter. When they opened, they sent out a tweet. A few days later, I visited with some coworkers.

Dos BrosThe outside has some wood panels, and the awning is no more. Inside, bright vibrant colors paint the chairs, the walls and the floor. We walked up to the counter but then someone seated us. Then we moved because my chair was wobbly and I'm a diva, apparently.

We were brought some chips and salsa. It was fine. I'll be honest when I say this isn't typically my most favorite type of food. I tend to gravitate toward sweets and creamy, rich sauces. Just personal taste. However, I try to judge it based on what it is. And the chips and salsa were just fine to me.

The menu seems to be evolving a bit. It is slightly different than the one they posted on the storefront, and when another friend visited, it looked slightly different from that. So here's the menu I ordered from, and I think it's mostly the same.

You have your burritos, combo meals, some house specials, appetizers and salads. I ordered off the lunch special menu: Lunch Special No. 8 - shredded beef enchilada, chicken enchilada and rice.

Dos BrosDos Bros

There were definitely some kinks in service, which is to be expected during soft openings. We waited quite a while and none of our orders were totally correct. I got two shredded beef tacos (instead of one with chicken), another coworker had the burrito meat and taco meat switched, another had a kind of beef and a kind of pork instead of beef and chicken. 

Dos Bros 2We had waited so long for our food, we didn't really have time for them to remake something else. We had to get back to work. So it was fine. I really liked my rice. That probably sounds like a lame thing to say - but I did. It was fresh tasting. When I've had it at other places in town, I feel like it's often turned to mush by the time I get it. Plus peppers and whatnot. It was good. 

My enchiladas were fine, too. Not totally what I was expecting - the tortilla was dried out and cracked. But honestly, the flavors were just fine. Kind of your run of the mill Tex-Mex. Nothing here that really stood out to me, but the food wasn't terrible either. 

Dos BrosA manager asked how our food was, and I was honest in that the orders were all sorts of mixed up. He apologized. I totally get it - new, busy, trying to figure things out. But I wanted to let him know, too. The owner came over and apologized and said they're disorganized right now but to bear with him. He was kind. He then took 10 percent off our bills. Our meal wasn't much to begin with - the lunch specials are very cheap. But we paid even less. 

I appreciated his concern and his gesture. That meant a lot. Seems like he's aware of where their weak points are, and he's working to fix them. If you're into Mexican food - and especially if you're downtown - give it a go. It seems on par with the others in town to me. I think they'll work out the kinks and be similar to the others around.

Grade: B
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