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By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

TathamsTathams, a family-owned garden center and nursery in Reedsville (Preston County), is home to a guesthouseworkshops, a shop and Trellis Cafe.

Tathams15Though they've been around for 30 years and take up about an acre full of annuals, ornamental shrubs and perennials, I hadn't heard of them until recently.

Tathams3Tathams is located about 12 miles from Interstate 68 and features a weekend brunch at Trellis Cafe every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It's pretty small, so reservations are encouraged.

Tathams11When we arrived to the property, we saw the large home and greenhouse. It was decorated with lots of little shrubs and decorations. We walked inside to find the hallway decked out in lots of little trinkets and gifts to purchase.

Tathams6Lots of local and unique gifts - jams, local art, soaps, bags, dish towels. Just a lot of really cool, artsy gifts.

Tathams7The dining space is quite small and surrounded with all these lovely things to buy. We had made a reservation, so we were guaranteed a table. The table was covered in a brown paper, with some more gifts at the very end.

Tathams2The menu is small with just three starts and five options for entrees. Trellis Cafe serves contemporary American and Fresh dishes "made with the freshest ingredients sourced locally at our quaint shop in Reedsville," according to their website.

Tathams9The menu boasted a soft boiled egg, mixed field greens and a fruit salad for starters. For its entrees, it had options for a country breakfast, sour cream pancakes, omelet, breakfast sandwich and a BLT.

Tathams13You can get a prix fixe brunch, which includes a starter, an entree, a pastry and a drink. I didn't, simply because I wanted water and forwent the pasty, even though they were delicious looking. They have freshly brewed coffee, artisan tea, and an awesome handcrafted selection of pastries and fine specialty foods.

Tathams4I ordered a soft boiled egg and the sour cream pancakes. The soft boiled egg was served so delicately with a golden spoon and some rectangles of toast. It was so lovely. I scooped some onto each piece of toast and dipped it in the soft yolk. So simple, but done well and super fresh.

Tathams10The sour cream pancakes were so light and were served with a side of bacon and maple syrup. Perfect - a little salty to go with the sweet. The banana pancakes were not topped with bananas - instead, they were actually cooked into the pancakes. Really neat and just delicious. The maple syrup was very thin and a little odd to me ... it was almost like a reduction. But, honestly, the pancakes were pretty sweet in and of themselves, so I ate them mostly plain with just a bit of syrup.


On the way out, I shopped around a little and purchased a dish towel and a bottle of Elderflower, because I had never had it before. I know they arrange gift baskets and have some local products you can't find many places - like the J.Q. Dickinson Salt.

Tathams12Tathams and Trellis Cafe is a super cool little place. The owners even told us a little about it and showed us their guest house - super reasonable and cute.

This place is really a hidden gem. Maybe it's not so hidden. For me, it was. But I'm so happy I've found it. I guess they do special dinners that you can RSVP for. I'll definitely be checking those out and hitting them up as soon as possible.

I think Trellis is the name of one of the owners -- what a cool name. It's fitting for such a cool place. I'm hoping to do a story on them in the future, so I'll hopefully find out more.

But if you want a nice little brunch - or special meal - check them out. OR if you're just trying to do some shopping for some cool unique or local goods, they're an awesome option.


Grade: A
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