Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Clarksburg Edition: Rogers & Mazza's

Rogers & Mazza'sRogers and Mazza's is a well-known bakery that took over Marty's Bakery in Clarksburg. They sell a traditional pepperoni roll with harder Italian bread and stick pepperoni that Marty's used to sell, but they also have their own pepperoni roll - the Rogers and Mazza's pepperoni roll is a bit different.

Rogers & Mazza'sRogers and Mazza's pepperoni roll is made with a sweeter dough and sliced pepperoni and comes in three different varieties: plain, mozzarella or hot pepper cheese. These can each come in six ounces or three ounces. They also produce mini pepperoni rolls with plain or mozzarella cheese.

Rogers & Mazza's
I loved these mini ones and dipped them in a sweet pepper sauce they sold. Delicious.

Rogers & Mazza's

Grade: A
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