Morgantown Edition: Susie's Cafe and Baked Goods

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Susie's Cafe & Baked GoodsSusie's Cafe and Baked Goods is hidden back on Chaplin Road past Mylan Park. It's a little out of the way, and I hadn't heard of it until I randomly stumbled upon their Facebook page. After drooling over photos of the baked goods at the cafe, I made plans to grab lunch here.

Susie's Cafe & Baked GoodsWhen we walked in, I was surprised to see nearly every table taken up. The Mylan crowd must be happy to have a local option nearby. We found an empty table that hadn't even been cleaned off yet and waited for a menu.

Susie's Cafe & Baked GoodsSoon, the man tending the cash register cleaned off our table and brought us some menus. They serve breakfast all day, which includes breakfast sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, omelets, pancakes, eggs and bacon. The lunch menu features burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, grilled cheese, fried bologna, hotdogs and pepperoni rolls.

Susie's Cafe & Baked GoodsSusie's Cafe & Baked Goods

After looking over the menu, I ordered a hotdog with mustard and onions and a small pepperoni roll. They offer pepperoni rolls in small or large, with provolone or hot pepper cheese. You can also opt to have chili and cheese added, but no thanks.

Susie's Cafe & Baked GoodsNot much long afterward, we were served.

Susie's Cafe & Baked GoodsMy hotdog was pretty good. Nothing remarkable, but still quite tasty.

Susie's Cafe & Baked GoodsThe pepperoni roll was actually quite good. It is ground pepperoni rolled up - not just placed in the center of the roll. It was warm, so the cheese was melty and intermingling with the pepperoni.

Susie's Cafe & Baked GoodsWe couldn't leave without trying some of the baked goods, too. I got a butter pecan cupcake, which was super sweet and buttery. Tony got a carrot cake cupcake and a whoopie pie, and that whoopie pie sandwich - or gob, as he would call it - was incredible. I tend to think of whoopie pies as the thicker, chocolate cake sandwiching cream. But these were more like chocolate cookies, so denser, and they were on point. Loved it.

Susie's Cafe & Baked GoodsSusie's Cafe & Baked Goods
Grade: B
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