Morgantown Edition: Beity

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

BeityThere has been a sudden explosion of Mediterranean restaurants on High Street with Jasmine Grill, Zaytun and now Beity (apparently some connection there). How many restaurants specializing in this cuisine are sustainable on High Street? No clue, and I've been mostly underwhelmed by the aforementioned restaurants. But Beity is different.

BeityThis location previously held a Tudor's Biscuit World and Tortoni's, and the interior is largely unchanged. There is some seating at the front of the space, then a large counter with chalkboard behind on the wall and some seating along the long, right side of the space.

BeityAt the counter, there was a picture menu, which is perfect for dummies like me who aren't super familiar with Mediterranean food. I wavered between kebab, shish tawook, mixed grills gyro or shawarma. In general, I'm always going to gravitate more toward the carb-laden sandwich, as opposed to a plated meal.

BeityMy friend Mary Kay went with the mixed grill, who seemed to enjoy it and noted it was a bit spicy. I ultimately went with the shawarma sandwich, and I think that's in the top best decisions of my life. I recently had a shawarma that was just not great, but this one ... this one is pretty fantastic.

BeityI thought adding fries was a "hahaha let's make the college students happy!" thing and not an authentic thing. I was wrong. It's a thing, and it's a great thing. My shawarma sandwich - made with chicken - had fries, pickles, fries and this incredible garlic sauce. The pita was grilled crisp, so it had a perfect amount of crunch to the sandwich. This is very tasty.

BeityFor dessert, I got knafa, which is this shredded phyllo dough, ricotta and a sweet syrup and pistachios. It is delicious. Between the sandwich and the sweet bite afterward, I was very pleased with my $10 dinner.


Grade: A
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