Morgantown Edition: Atria's Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

AtriasAtria's is a Pittsburgh-based Italian restaurant that has about nine locations now. I went back when it first opened to see what it's all about.

AtriasWhile the hotel (and parking lot) was still under major construction, the restaurant itself looked as though it was undergoing some minor construction still. We entered through a side door, and there were some pallets sitting outside. But, again, this was just after they opened. So, I'll overlook that.

AtriasWhen we walked in, there were about five people rapid-fire saying hi to us. It was actually a little disorienting. They were saying hi from different directions, so I was actually not sure where to look. That seems ridiculous, but it's true. Someone along the way told them to greet every customer, and they took it to heart.

AtriasWe sat down and had a few people welcome us - our waitress, a manager or two. OK, OK. I asked our waitress if the items in the brackets on the menu were their specialties. She initially said no with confidence, and then backtracked. I take it they are the specialties. I ordered the chicken parmesan - standard Italian-American restaurant fare that should be a good indicator.

AtriasLisa first ordered the pot roast nachos and was so kind as to share. These were very good. The pot roast was super flavorful and had more of a tangy flavor than a gravy flavor. They were very tasty.

AtriasMy main entree was also pretty good. I don't think the pasta is homemade, but I liked the red sauce, and the breaded chicken was good. The pasta could've been taken out just a second earlier, but that's small.

I don't know if they were bored, or just had no one to focus on, but there were no less than a dozen interruptions during our meal. There were the couple from our waitress - asking how things were, etc. But then literally anyone who passed by us would ask how things were. At least five separate people asked us. It was just too much. I had to keep stopping eating, covering my mouth and saying "fine" for the thousandth time. After maybe 7 times, you notice it. After 10, you're annoyed. More than that, I'm like - what the hell is going on?

I'm guessing once they get busier, this won't be a problem. Just keep in mind, I'm at lunch with a friend to be with my friend and have a conversation. A few interruptions are expected, but a ton ruin the experience.

Grade: B
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