Morgantown Edition: Farmhouse Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Farmhouse CafeFarmhouse CafeFarmhouse Cafe is a newer coffee shop located in Cheat Lake, something much needed in the area even if it is a bit hidden.

Farmhouse Cafe

Farmhouse Cafe

The coffee shop is located in a new development that has a number of businesses. It's on the bottom floor, in through a door and to the left. The shop is part cafe and part gift shop. In fact, many of the seats are spread throughout some of the gift areas.

Farmhouse Cafe

Farmhouse Cafe

We got in line, ordered and tried to push together chairs at a too-small table. Off to the side, there are straws, a pitcher of water and utensils.

Farmhouse Cafe

Farmhouse Cafe
Our food came out in small paper cartons. Some of my coworkers got the chef salad, the Italian panini, and I went for the cheese panini.

Farmhouse CafeI feel like while it was nice and cheesy, the bread was just way too hard. It was good bread, but for that sandwich, it was overwhelming and a softer - or maybe more buttery - slice would've complemented it better.

Farmhouse CafeI also had a pear crisp, which was very good! Crisp is always good, but the pear was especially good in this particular dessert.

Farmhouse CafeSo, I think this place is going to do well. I like that it's an option for Cheat Lake, and the space itself is very cute. You could go here to pick up some primitive or unique gifts. I do wish there was a bit more seating. There's not enough for me to come hang out here to get some writing done, but maybe. And just a tad bit more diversity in what they offer would be good. Maybe add another bread or some sides? Regardless, it's a nice shop, and if you're on this side of town, consider yourself lucky.

Farmhouse CafeFarmhouse Cafe

Grade: B
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