Tamarack & Bloomery SweetShine Pairings Dinner

By Candace Nelson - 11:18 AM

Tamarack dinnerI recently attended one of Tamarack's dinners, and this one happened to be a partnership with Bloomery SweetShine. I've been to both of these lovely places separately, so I was very excited to see what the duo produced together.

Tamarack dinner

The Bloomery SweetShine Pairings Dinner marketed itself as "an artisanal blend of vice and virtue." I would have to agree. The four-course dinner so blew my socks off that I decided to use my experience there as my column for the WV Gazette Mail. Read all about how these two businesses working together helped bring out the best in one another - something I hope to see more and more of in the future.
Tamarack dinner

Join us for a special evening where our very own Tamarack Chef's bring you a custom tasting menu perfectly paired with the offerings of West Virginia's very own Bloomery. Cash Bar | Communal Seating | Music by Corey Lee McQuade, accompanied by Paul E. Johnson.
Tamarack dinnerBefore we arrived for dinner, we walked around to check out Tamarack - easily one of my favorite places in the state. Then, we made our way to the beautiful space set up for the dinner - large windows, touches of purple and gold and some great music playing in the background. Then, before I knew it, the party for our tastebuds began.

Tamarack dinner
The evening’s first course was a roast chicken consomme with wild mushroom garlic gnocchi, summer squashes and late summer tomatoes. The dish was paired with Bloomery’s Ginger SweetShine, as well as a Dark and Shiny cocktail. This was light, but flavorful, with a nice, bold drink.

Tamarack dinner

The salad course featured grilled romaine, artichoke, caper berries, Nicoise olives and a creamy paprika vinaigrette. It was paired with Raspberry Lemon SweetShine and a Raspberry Lemon Cosmo. I can honestly say this is one of the best salad courses I've ever had. Those caper berries was delish, and the little breadstick with a sweet drink - just delish.

Tamarack dinner

The entree course was a Worcestershire-rubbed brisket with honey mead barbecue, sweet potato puree, Johnny bread and bitter buttermilk slaw. It was paired with Black Walnut SweetShine and The Jonas SweetShine cocktail. And then this entree course was overall pretty sweet, and that was a damn strong drink. Very, very tasty. And see all those morels?! Heaven.

Tamarack dinner

The dessert course was an applewood-smoked bacon and praline torte paired with Cremma Lemma SweetShine and an Appalachian Cream cocktail. This was a savory/sweet and oh so tasty.

So, this was a super cool experience. The food was out of this world, and seeing these two businesses partner to make something really special. I can't wait to check out the next one.  

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