The 7th Annual Morgantown Brewing Company Oktoberfest

By Candace Nelson - 1:33 PM

Zicke zacke, zicke zacke, hoi hoi hoi!

OktoberfestGiant steins of beer, brats and a bangin' good time. That's what Oktoberfest is about.

I had never been to Morgantown Brewing Company's Oktoberfest, so when I realized I was free this year, I jumped at the chance. It was held last Saturday at the Brew Pub - both upstairs and the cool speakeasy vibe downstairs, as well as the outside parking lot.

OktoberfestThe upstairs dining room had a specialty menu, which included things like sauerkraut and potato balls and bratwurst pie. Both bars upstairs were also open.

OktoberfestDownstairs, the speakeasy was open, and it was way cool. I want to do a separate piece on speakeasies in Morgantown, so I'll save it for then. But the vibe is chill, there are lots of little nooks to hang out, and there were also specialty drinks available. I ended up getting a pumpkin ale in one of their take-home steins - only $8! Very tasty beer.

OktoberfestThe parking lot featured live traditional German music, a German Club bake sale, some games, grilling out of brats and kraut, pretzel necklaces, and general debauchery. It was fun to be part of the raucous crowd and watching as people participated in these drinking games.

OktoberfestThe Great Bratwurst Saga
Leah and I decided we wanted some brats to make it really feel like ~Oktoberfest~ but they weren't really offering those upstairs in the dining space. Rather, they were outside on the grill. BUT, it was cash only. So, we went to the ATM and realized we didn't have debit cards on us. Then, we asked if we could place an order with a bartender or waitress, and we were denied. So, we put our name down to sit in the dining room and make do with our non-brats. But the wait was an hour long. So, we contemplated what to do. Leah considered ubering home to get her debit card so we could get cash, but ultimately, she convinced a friend to spot her a $20. Success! Right? Not so much. With cash in hand, finally, we went back outside. AND THEY WERE OUT OF BRATS. The tragedy. They said they might have some in the back. So, we waited. While we waited, we made pretzel necklaces. They came back and said, sorry, no brats. So, we settled on hot dogs. Le sigh. BUT WAIT. After we finished our hot dogs (which were fine) and potato salad (pretty good), a friend came by and said they have brats again. WHAT. So, we booked it outside, and the people working remembered us being devastated over having to be reduced to a hot dog, so they agreed to give us two bratwurst. And they were some damn good bratwurst.

OktoberfestAlso of note: Leah dunked someone in the dunk tank. That was fun.

I saw lots of folks I haven't seen in quite some time.



If you didn't get a chance to go this year, be sure to break out your lederhosen for next year's event. Too much fun.



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